DON200 Gyros Knife

GYROXE DON200 is a gyros cutter available in Alloy casing to replace the plastic version. It has a 2.56" (65mm) diameter blade with tougher body

DON300 Gyros Knife

GYROXE DON300 is the most popular cutter available. It has a 3.15" (80mm) diameter blade with alloy casing

DON350 Gyros Shaver

GYROXE DON350 is the extra power gyros slicer. It has a 3.70" (94mm) diameter blade with alloy casing

DON400 Shawarma Cutter

GYROXE DON400 is the only Shawarma cutter available in the world. It has a special 3.15" (80mm) diameter blade and built-in gearbox

DON-Pro Gyros Knife

GYROXE DON-Pro is designed for the professionals. It has a 3.70" (94mm) Blade with flexible drive cable

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